Digital Doctors and Nurses Accelerate Onboarding

Onboarding new hires in a healthcare environment is intense and is one reason why the digital doctor is here to stay. In today’s environment, healthcare staff members are overworked and have little time to orient new recruits. They need to be confident that their new hires will hit the ground running and succeed with limited mentorship. To do this, they need reassurance that the people they hire have the skills they need to do what is expected of them.

When a person is hired in the healthcare profession, clinical skills are one part of a successful equation, but not the only part. Common onboarding techniques include mentorships, slide shows, role-playing, and other basic orientation, but miss many key competencies. Since many of the required skills in the healthcare environment are social, cultural, and interpersonal in nature, techniques like slide shows fail to capture the whole picture. Virtual training simulations can play an important role in this context. Here are a few examples of competencies that can be developed through virtual simulation:

Decision-making: Given a certain situation, what problem solving approach do you want to encourage?

Prioritization: When multiple patients need attention at the same time, how does a nurse decide what to do?