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Trian3DBuilder v5.6.2 Update available!

There is an Update available for Trian3D Builder 5.6. Service & Support customers can download the update easily via Help -> Search for Updates inside of the Software.

If the update function does not work because of e.g. local security settings, please send an eMail to our support team to receive a direct download Link:

Release Notes Trian3DBuilder Update v5.6.2.

* NEW MODULE: Maritime Module

-Import ENC Data: S57, S63, 7CB, 7CC, 7CX,...

-Seabed Triangulated from Depth Contours/Lines and Soundings

-Coastline with Quay Walls, Shoreline Constructions and Piers

-Buoys/Beacons with Topmarks

-Automatic Placement from Comprehensive Library

-Lights with Blink Code, Color, Direction, Range, Intensity etc.

* ------ ROAD MODULE -------

* more flexible road mapping (e.g. map a texture over several lanes or whole road)

* improved road generation and WYSIWYG

- when a junction is fully edited junctions are no longer merged or planed

- when moving junction start segment the road middle line course is preserved

- convenience modes for editing (edit lane helpers, edit crossing Bezier curves etc.)

* improved OpenDrive (ODR) importer

- more exact resemblance of input data

- line segments with transitions are merged

- junction begin/end segments are set from ODR info

* Height Editor

- edit road line height in editor window

- assign heights or road incline etc.

* ------ VBS EXPORTER -------

* support of complex roads and crossings (from Road Module)

- road and crossing geometry is split up in smaller parts and exported to VBS

* 64 bit support

* DDS compression & Render to Texture: fix GL context handling

* reduce memory consumption for ID images

* OpenDrive Export/Import: misc. improvements and fixes

* Profiler Road Generation: fix insert and object eraser settings, fix driveups

* VBS export: clip plane geometry on VBS surface via modifier vector attribute (template VBS_ClipOnSurface)

* Vector Data: improve vector loading time, draw time, selection time

* switchable exception handling and crash report send, see preferences→settings→debug

* DDS compression & Render to Texture: Performance Improvement through better parallelism

* Road WYSIWYG: misc. improvements and fixes

* Vision Exporter: misc. improvements and fixes

* [fix] mod extrude path clipping on tile border

* [fix] convert to profile support beziers and clothoids

* [fix] mod building with height offest

* [fix] Height Type "Clip on Road Surface" with FLT double precision

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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