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New Technology Allows Tracking Drones On A 3D Map

The boom in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry has brought with it a slew of problems. Safety concerns are prime among them. One of the central issues inhibiting mass adoption of UAVs is the question of how will the government track them. This question seems even more pertinent following a series of high-profile incidents, including a drone landing on the White House lawn, and one almost crashing into the engine of a passenger jet carrying 50 people.

Virginia-based defence and intelligence contractor Simulyze has one solution that may make drones easier to identify and safer. Simulyze has made a graphic interface for operators that should help them understand, organise, and analyse information to real-time UAV flights in a given area.

Simulyze describes itself as “leading commercial off the shelf (COTS) provider of data analysis, correlation, integration and visualization products.” To put it short, they make a 3D map of sorts that visualises the locations, movements, and conditions of specified units in an area. The units can be anything from people to tanks, but in this case, Simulyze has created a new product aimed specifically at drones: Mission Insight.

Mission Insight fuses data from a variety of sources: terrain data, mentions on social media, RF chip scans, real-time GPS location data, and more, to create a unified picture of an environment, the conditions in it, and the actions of individual drones. In the future, Simulyze hopes to integrate data from ADS-B transmitters, which are used for location data of commercial aeroplanes.

Simulyze CEO Kevin Gallagher hopes that one day, Mission Insight will be the go-to UAV management dashboard – a unified solution employed by industry.

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Reprinted from iHS , Mar 2016 with permission of iHLS website, Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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