4 Challenges to Recreating Experience in Virtual Sim

Transforming expertise into a virtual simulation for training purposes is challenging. The end goal is to create scenarios for trainees that replicate the experiences experts find most instructive. To get to this point, however, is often not straightforward.

Below are four important things to keep in mind when creating virtual simulations and a few tips I find useful in simulation design.

  1. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are extremely busy and convincing them to spend their valuable time providing knowledge can be difficult. Once they do decide to invest time, SMEs tend to stray from the intended point and keeping them focused on relevant stories can be difficult. This can also waste valuable time. For example, they may stray into talking about accidents that occurred and the injury of the person involved, when the training is really about the mistakes and circumstances that caused the accident. To keep a SMEs attention and insure that they will remain engaged in the effort, they need to experience the results. These results have to be incorporated in a timely fashion, not six to eight months later but within a few days or weeks.

  2. Experts often find it hard to explain their experiences and why they are important. Getting those experie