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Creativex Awarded IFF Beacon Systems Contract

Creativex Consulting has been awarded a IFF Beacon System Contract to deliver close to 700 IFF Beacon Light systems to an undisclosed defence customer in the region.

The IFF Beacons will be capable of recording user defined flash patterns and localised synchronised grouping in both visible and IR modes which can be detected up to 1 km in both modes. The battle proven systems are being used by many of the forces globally by defence and homeland security government agencies.

"This is another step forward for Creativex Consulting in elevating its position in the defence industry to provide proven solutions to our customers in the defence and homeland security sectors in the asian region. Creativex has, over the recent years, built its capabilities in the operational and training & simulation industry and continues to provide its expertise and experience in these areas as it moves toward to the next level to expands its range of products and services to the region." said, Mr Christopher Lim, Creativex's Director of Business Development & Technology.

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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