Driving Innovative Thought in Cyber Security and Training

Speed of change and the scale of which network systems can be used against themselves pushes to the breaking point the ability to defend cyberspace. The foundation of change is at the education and training level where the cyber warfighters and educators construct the systems that can understand yesterday’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s.

Military Training International spoke with several leaders in the field for their perspective on the challenges, accomplishments and the paths forward.

Mark A. Parsons

Senior Instructional

Systems Specialist


In the ever-changing landscape of today’s cybersecurity threats, defending networks requires tactics as swift, adaptable and agile as those used by enemy attackers. The industry organizations responsible for preparing those who will protect our cyber systems must be adept in their skill and strategy—knowing how to strike a balance of being sensible and superior, of gaining intel and never losing integrity, and of mastering threat anticipation and excelling at threat analysis. To achieve this advantage, our operators must p