EXPAL Successfully Demonstrated its ʻOne-Stop Shopʼ for Mortar Systems

The demonstration took place on 16 November in the Spanish Army firing and training range 'Álvarez de Sotomayor', located in Almeria (Spain). During the different exercises performed on the field, EXPAL showed all the products and systems involved in this proposal.

The company offers a unique and complementary range of products to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations. Its 'One-Stop Shop' includes mortar systems, fire control systems, ammunition, mini UAVs, for aerial reconnaissance and tactical training simulators. All of them are coordinated and serving the same mission.

During the demonstration EXPAL's technicians gave a technical explanation on the effectiveness of EIMOS (EXPAL Integrated Mortar System), TECHFIRE (EXPAL's fire control system), SHEPERD-MIL (EXPAL's mini UAV as Unmanned Forward Observer) systems and SIMOX, the training tactical simulator for mortar units, before coor