Titan IM I/ITSEC 2016 Newsletter

Calytrix and Leidos team up for I/ITSEC 2016

A recipe for IITSEC: Take one Blackhawk simulator, add a minigun and cargo hoist for fun, and execute an urban operation while taking fire from a real ZPU-4 Russian Anti-Aircraft system converted into a simulator. All running in multiple instances of Titan Vanguard between two booths on the I/ITSEC show floor.

Calytrix is pleased to join up with Leidos to support this integrated demonstration. Real integration - more than Powerpoint deep. Join Calytrix (Booth #1363) and Leidos (Booth #2324) and get ready to take the controls of the Blackhawk, minigun or ZPU.

Austria Selects LVC Game Enterprise License

The Austrian MoD has procured an Enterprise License of Calytrix's LVC-Game for SBPro to provide DIS/HLA interoperability for all its Army Combat Training Centres, including the development of a point to point capability to bridge different sites.

Mr Ulf Krahn, Calytrix European Representative said, "This new integration capability will greatly improve the realism of training at the various Austrian Army Combat Training Centres. It also allows the SBPro training managers to integrate the simulation radio degradation effects across and between Centres using the already widely deployed CNR-Pro and CNR-Effects radio communications systems and to connect to other systems such as Titan Vanguard and BMS-systems."

Upgrades for Coalition Virtual Flag

In collaboration with CAE Australia, Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS) and TitanIM Pty Ltd, Calytrix provided a number of services in support of the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) Coalition Virtual Flag 2016 exercise.

Coalition Virtual Flag is hosted by the US Air Force and combines live and virtual assets utilising aircrew from the US, UK, Australia and Canada. During this exercise the C-130J Full-Flight Mission Simulator at RAAF Base Richmond was networked into the exercise alongside live air assets in the US.