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Acoustical Scoring Technology

Despite living in an age of budgetary austerity, technological advancement is providing critical assistance on the battlefield.

Developments in acoustical scoring technology are vital to aid ISAF and other defence forces to compete in the challenge for ever more precise attack.

Precision attack by missiles from UAVs, manned aircraft or ground launched missiles, rockets or artillery are now seen to win or lose the battle for 'hearts and minds' by their level of accuracy and their ability to avoid collateral damage, the killing of civilians.

Similarly, with constraints not just on manpower and logistics, but training hours, devices that facilitate enhanced accuracy without excessive call on expensive ammunition will always have a value.

Miss Distance Indicators (MDIs) are ubiquitous in their role in indicating accuracy of opposing force 'incoming' and in offering training munition operators an opportunity to improve their standards.

Download white paper.

See more at: Article.

Reprinted from Army Technology website, Jan 2017. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

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