Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle (PCSV), Singapore

The Singapore Army commissioned Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicles (PCSV) in November 2016. The vehicles are expected to replace 5t trucks and Mercedes Benz MB290 armoured vehicles operated by the Singapore Army.

The Belrex vehicle was developed by ST Kinetics and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) based on a Marauder mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle platform developed by South African firm Paramount Group. The PCSV is intended to offer enhanced fire power, survivability and situational awareness for the Singapore Armed Forces' motorised infantry units on the battlefield.

The Singapore Armed Forces announced the acquisition of Belrex-protected vehicles in June 2016.

Belrex PCSV design and features

The Belrex PCSV is based on 4x4 wheeled chassis and features a modular design. The vehicle measures 7.25m-long, 2.6m-wide and 2.75m-high.

With a gross weight of 20t, the vehicle can carry payloads weighing approximately 4,000kg. It accommodates two crew members in the protected cabin and up to eight dismounted troops at the rear.