Creativex Delivers Simcentric's GUI Mate to Asian Customer

Creativex Consulting has successful delivered an order to an undisclosed commercial customer in Asia for GUI Mate licences from Simcentric Technologies.

GUIMate is a C++ and script API which is fully integrated with VBS3 to create rich Graphical User Interfaces with an extensive set of widgets. It is used by the customers to design their customised graphical user interface within the VBS3 environment.GUIMate includes a visual editor allowing a simple drag-and-drop approach to designing a GUI, as well as a library containing functions which assist in the creation of attractive and functional GUIs within VBS3. GUIMate supports owner-drawn controls which enable to customized widgets such as charts, graphs, videos using C++.

Using GUIMate you can:

* Build better GUIs with more choices for widgets and more a professional appearance.

* Build GUIs in a fraction of the development time taken for other techniques.

* Build maintainable GUIs reducing future costs of maintenance and modification.