Parliament: New $900m training ground the size of Bishan to give soldiers realistic urban combat exp

SINGAPORE - A new training ground roughly the size of Bishan town will be built in western Singapore to let soldiers hone their urban fighting skills in real-life settings such as high-rise buildings, warehouses, and even an MRT station with multiple exits.

This 88ha area, dubbed the Safti City, will allow soldiers to train in a dense urban environment that closely resembles Singapore's landscape when it is completed in the west of the country in 10 years, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen on Friday (March 3) in Parliament.

One sector of Safti City will be packed with clusters of shophouses, high-rise interconnected buildings, low-rise residences, basement carparks, a bus interchange and a MRT station. Another sector near the Poyan Reservoir will house a petrochemical complex, warehouses, container parks and industrial buildings.

With more than 200 buildings and extensive road networks, Safti City will provide a realistic experience of fighting in a concrete jungle like Singapore, Dr Ng said at the Ministry of Defence's Committee of Supply debate.<