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Diginext appoints CreativeX Consulting Pte Ltd as Singapore authorised reseller

Creativex Consulting Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a reseller agreement between DIGINEXT and Creativex to resell DIGINEXT's training & simulation systems and products in Singapore effective 20 Mar 2017. CreativeX has been a market leader in the delivery of consolidated products and services across the defence, law enforcement, fire services, education and government sectors since 2009 and steadily expanding its product representation of leading simulation providers in the industry.

DIGINEXT implements an innovative approach to design and develop VMT product. This approach is based on the use of a powerful Authoring tool suite called Inscape VTS which enables to rapidly and easily design and create a state-of-the-art VMT application for any kind of system (military or civilian aircraft / helicopter, land vehicle, train, tramway, plant…). Inscape VTS provides substantial reduced development time and effort and efficient streamlined workflow from requirements, to source date, to automated builds and testing.

Through Inscape VTS and its powerful SDK, the user can design by himself the trainee position, the instructor position and the training content in accordance with his training objectives.

In addition, taking into account benefits of Inscape VTS, DIGINEXT has created a VMT for cougar modernized helicopter which can be easily tailored for any other multirole helicopter from Airbus Helicopter family such as Super Puma, H125M, H225 or Caracal.

DIGINEXT - Created in July 1996 and a subsidiary of the CS Communication & Systèmes Group since 2005, DIGINEXT is a human scale company, recognised internationally for its ability to innovate, its excellence and responsiveness, as well as for the quality, reliability and performance of the systems and solutions that it offers.

Working in a dual role in both the Civilian and Military sectors, DIGNEXT adopts a development strategy combining specialist and technical expertise to address the following niche markets:

  • Tactical Data Links

  • Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Reality

  • Security maintenance and crisis management

  • Multimode passenger information systems

  • Navy navigation systems

  • Long-range HF radar for maritime surveillance

  • Training of armed forces

  • Training and support for maintenance operations

DIGINEXT products and services build on proven innovation thanks to a proactive and dynamic self-financing R&D policy, also supported by funded research projects. The technical know-how of DIGINEXT also gives rise to expertise in project management and system integration, definition and ergonomics for user interfaces (UX process). Mapping capabilities, definition studies for specific electronic and mechanical systems, high-performance architecture, simulation and augmented or virtual reality are all integrated.

This allows DIGINEXT to be a trusted partner providing total and sustained satisfaction for our customers and working in accordance with the following operating modes:

  • Software publisher and associated services,

  • Supplier of turn-key systems

  • Custom design of specialist solutions

CREATIVEX - Led by a team of simulation professionals, CreativeX has grown steadily over the years and to date, has created a niched pool of global partners and clientele in the Asian region through our products and support services in the different industries. In the past, the company collaborated with overseas vendors on project by project basis and since then, CreativeX has formed strategic alliances with vendors and global partners for long term and successful partnerships. The primary aim of CreativeX is to provide ready, as well as, client specific products and services. Our clientele list includes government agencies, private companies and academic institutions. Through the close collaboration with our global partners, we are able to provide enabling simulation technology to each client. CreativeX continuously sources the industries for key enabling technologies and services to develop and market potentials to our clients. Creativex Director for Business Development & Technology, Mr Chris Lim commented “Asia has been and will continue to look toward the use of simulators and simulation as part of its training needs. Creativex wishes to play a crucial role in the provision of a technical support hub with the many development tools that it has in its stronghold to aid the capability building of system integrators in the growing simulation market in Asia over the coming years.

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