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SimCentric demonstrate six fully integrated modular middleware applications at ITEC 2017

SimCentric Technologies proved the power, potency and flexibility of their software at ITEC in Rotterdam held 16-18 May 2017. In support of a complex “near-peer” networked scenario SimCentric integrated six middleware applications simultaneously; our accredited flagship VBS3Fires FST Call for Fire and Close Air Support application; Ambience Pattern of Life generation tool supporting CDE/BDA; MediaMate delivering a live Rover 5 ISR feed to a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) IOS/Android smartphone/tablet; GUIMate delivering intuitive user interfaces to trainees at low recurring cost; multiple Fusion plugins; and finally drawing these all together was our TrainingMate “Virtual Classroom” supporting both a C4ISR synchronisation function for LVC exercises, as well as low-cost geographically distributed synthetic training. The result – taking the quality “out of the box” VBS3 synthetic environment to the next level by enabling the customer to choose the additional functionality they require in a modular, integrated and cost-effective manner.

Building upon extensive current usage across NATO, and recent large-scale sales of VBS3 FiresFST to Sweden, New Zealand and Meggitt Training Systems, SimCentric demonstrated our fully integrated VBS3Fires FST Pro application, comprising VBS3Fires FST, Ambience and MediaMate all in one consolidated package. The operational realism incorporating near-peer ground and anti-air assets, militia forces, an expansive civilian population (human and vehicular), adaptive adversary TTPs, advanced Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) ISR vectoring, complex ROE, and cognitively challenging CDE was on full display both on the Bohemia Interactive booth, and on the Quantadyn deployable Joint Fires Simulation and Training System (JF STS) Z Box. This is in addition to over a dozen ITEC exhibitors utilising SimCentric VBSFusion Application Programming Interface (API) created and operated plugins to reliably integrate VBS3 to their hardware and software configurations.

See all of SimCentric’s Middleware Applications in less than eight minutes …

See more at: Article.

Reprinted from Simcentric Technologies website, May 2017. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

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