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Creativex receives services purchase order from Fidelity Technologies

Creativex Consulting received a simulation-related service purchase order from Fidelity Technologies Corp to install and setup a simulation system for an undisclosed customer in Asia.

In the recent years, Creativex Consulting has been focusing on the provision of simulation products to its asian customers to assist them in the development of simulation systems in key components e.g. HLA Interoperability, Computer Generated Forces behaviour and technical knowledge editors, terrain generation, tactical communications development tools etc.

It provides product sales, training, support as well as professional services of its product line and the simulation division has also leveraged on the experience and knowledge of its support engineers to provide simulation support services to its partners and customers in the region in the use of the products Creativex carries. Please see for more information.

About Fidelity Technologies Corp

Fidelity Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Reading, PA, was founded in 1987 as a contract manufacturer specializing in circuit card assemblies and cable harnesses for the U.S. Department of Defense. In the early 1990’s, Fidelity revolutionized its business model by leveraging the contract manufacturing and resident capabilities to target two key growth areas; Simulation & Training Systems and Field Support Services. This vision required Fidelity to acquire, develop and embrace the core competencies that would pave the way for future growth. The newly developed strategic plan was to expand its reach into the Simulation and Training Systems market; eventually becoming the leading supplier of Call for Fire Training Systems for U.S and Foreign Military Forward Observers; as well as expanding its Field Support Services portfolio of on-site Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS) and Contractor Instructor Services (CIS) contracts with the U.S. Navy.

Building off the experience gained designing state of the art Forward Observer training systems, Fidelity developed a comprehensive solution to Indirect Fires training through its Fidelity Fires product line. The Fidelity Fires product line is certified to the JTAC MOA and is the most comprehensive, feature rich and expandable Forward Observer through Joint Terminal Attack Controller training platform available on the market today. Available in portable through immersive configurations, this family of systems addresses all aspects of indirect fires training as well as mission rehearsal.

Fixed and rotary aircrew training devices and aids for both domestic and foreign customers was determined to be a significant growth area within Fidelity’s Simulation and Training Systems division. Certifiable to FAA Levels 4, 5, 6 or 7, up through Level C; these devices represent cutting edge training solutions which provide critical training to enhance warfighter readiness. In addition, Fidelity provides O&M support and instructional services for these training devices which maintain the readiness and currency of the platform aircrews.

The Military & Aerospace Manufacturing division leveraged its manufacturing heritage by embracing and implementing a LEAN Manufacturing philosophy coupled with a Six Sigma Quality Measurement protocol. This cultural shift in the approach to manufacturing was necessitated by the increased competition in manufacturing opportunities. These changes created a market differentiator and allowed Fidelity to pursue, capture and execute large scale manufacturing programs. Notably, Fidelity positioned itself to capture substantial elements of the U.S. Army power generation & distribution market as well as providing improved armor protection kits and communication capabilities for U.S. Army vehicles destined for deployments to hostile environments.

Fidelity is a well-diversified Defense and Aerospace contractor, employing industry leading personnel in the fields of engineering, technical support services, instructor services, skilled assembly, program management, business development, and subject matter experts. The company has grown from a small contract manufacturer to a leading global supplier of Defense and Aerospace products and services to U.S. and international customers. In response to the ever changing requirements of the customer, Fidelity is constantly expanding its expertise and capabilities to provide innovative solutions that directly address the needs of the warfighter. While Fidelity has experienced a sizable amount of growth since its humble beginnings, the company’s leadership will always stay true to a core philosophy – a philosophy whereby customer relationships, customer service, and customer satisfaction are more important than maximizing short term profits.

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