This I/ITSEC showcases a fast small watercraft simulation designed for training applications at booth #1620.

The work is an extension of an original project to develop a Fast Small Ship Simulator for training Dutch Navy crews working on high-speed boats such as RHIBs.

The simulation is the result of a collaboration between CM Labs and MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands. It incorporates research and technology from the two domain leaders, with the resulting application providing the highest fidelity solution on the market for small watercraft pilot/crew training applications.

Simulating fast small watercraft poses particular challenges as it requires accurate wave models, visualisation of water surface including wake, wash and propeller effects and advanced dynamics for complex phenomena such as slamming, surf riding and broaching.

The solution is built on CM Labs’ Vortex STUDIO simulation and visualisation platform, which among other features provides multi-channel image generation capabilities, as well as ocean wave modelling and visualisation.