CM Labs Simulations announced yesterday at I/ITSEC that attendees have the opportunity to drive an LAV III vehicle powered by VORTEX STUDIO, embedded in a distributed VBS3 solution from Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim).

“By demonstrating how easy it is to integrate VORTEX STUDIO’s SDK into VBS3 for the creation of ownship simulators, we’re really demonstrating the accessibility of high-fidelity, cost-effective software solutions for tactical military training,” Arnold Free, CM Labs’ CCO, said. “Effective driver training programs can now be up and running in a fraction of the time, with none of the headaches typically associated with disparate technology integrations.”

VORTEX STUDIO is a simulation and visualisation platform designed to create true-to-life simulations of land and sea equipment and environments. It provides some of the industry’s highest-fidelity real-time vehicle simulations for driver skills development. With this degree of simulation fidelity, vehicle behaviour is emergent rather than needing to be scripted, which means the amount of software development required to create driver training simulator applications is significantly reduced. Other time-saving capabilities built into VORTEX STUDIO include robust, intuitive tools for vehicle modeling, building, testing, and validation.