Pitch Talk 3.0 adds Client SDK, DIS Gateway and more

Pitch is proud to announce Pitch Talk version 3.0. Building on the success of Pitch Talk 2, currently in use in major international projects, many new features are added:

  • Develop customized clients using the new Client SDK for C++ and Java

  • Interoperate with third party DIS radios using the new RPR/DIS Gateway

  • Define radio channels with both free and preset frequencies

  • Add configurable noise levels to communication channels

  • Improved security in the web-based administration

  • Select your own hotkeys for additional features

The new version is available now and will be provided to all customers with a valid Pitch Talk maintenance agreement. Visit the Pitch Talk web page for an overview of all new and old features. If you want to purchase or evaluate Pitch Talk, please contact Creativex Consulting for more information.