Creativex Closes Another Licence Sales with Pitch Technologies

Creativex Consulting has successfully closed another sales order to provide Pitch products to a Singapore customer as an inter-operability simulation infrastructure in its simulator solution. The sales included Pitch's pRTI which allows users to exchange data and synchronise events between simulators on the open international HLA IEEE 15-16-2010 standard.

In addition to the purchase products from our Pitch Infrastructure Product Suite, the sales also included licences from our Development Suite consisting of the Pitch Developer Studio and Visual OMT.

Pitch Developer Studio - Pitch Developer Studio is the world’s most powerful tool for efficiently adding HLA or DIS interoperability quickly and easily to your simulator.Pitch Developer Studio generates professional quality middleware in C++ or Java. Integrate the generated module with your own application. The generated code is royalty free. Pitch Developer Studio puts you in control of development cost and time. Reduce risk and assure quality in your simulation project with Pitch Developer Studio!Pitch Developer Studio