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Creativex Closes Another Licence Sales with Pitch Technologies

Creativex Consulting has successfully closed another sales order to provide Pitch products to a Singapore customer as an inter-operability simulation infrastructure in its simulator solution. The sales included Pitch's pRTI which allows users to exchange data and synchronise events between simulators on the open international HLA IEEE 15-16-2010 standard.

In addition to the purchase products from our Pitch Infrastructure Product Suite, the sales also included licences from our Development Suite consisting of the Pitch Developer Studio and Visual OMT.

Pitch Developer Studio - Pitch Developer Studio is the world’s most powerful tool for efficiently adding HLA or DIS interoperability quickly and easily to your simulator.Pitch Developer Studio generates professional quality middleware in C++ or Java. Integrate the generated module with your own application. The generated code is royalty free. Pitch Developer Studio puts you in control of development cost and time. Reduce risk and assure quality in your simulation project with Pitch Developer Studio!Pitch Developer Studio is the market leading tool in its class. It is used by well-known simulation providers such as Bohemia Interactive (VBS3) and Presagis (Stage, Vega Prime).

Pitch Visual OMT - When you develop HLA federations, you need to have a Federation Object Model that describes the information exchange. Pitch Visual OMT is the leading tool for developing and maintaining such object models.You can use it to develop new FOMs for any domain or extend existing standardized FOMs such as the RPR FOM. Pitch Visual OMT gives you clear graphical views of your FOM. The built-in and helps ensuring correctness and consistency.If you need to migrate FOMs from older versions, or maintain a FOM that supports several HLA versions, Pitch Visual OMT has several conversion tools. During your projects life cycle you may also want to compare different versions of you FOMs using Pitch Visual OMT. The report features makes it easy to share your FOM with your team.

"2018 has been a great start for Creativex as it steadily increases the awareness of Pitch HLA products leading to sales of the products in the asian region to both system integrators and end-users in the simulation industry. Creativex has been focused on the provision of simulation products and professional services to many of its asian customers to develop its own simulation development capabilities using these products. The region continues to grow in the need for simulation solutions and at the same time, provides more opportunities for home-grown business enterprises to provide their own training solutions in Asia." - Creativex Director of Business Development, Mr Christopher Lim.

About Pitch Technologies

Pitch Technologies (Pitch) is a leading provider of Open Standards compliant products, services and solutions for interoperable distributed simulation systems. Our products and solutions are being used by some of the largest and most complex system development, integration and test, and exercise & training delivery programs across a global range of sectors including Defence, Aerospace, Air Traffic Control, Security, Transport, Energy and Medicine.

Pitch products are used by industry and government in more than 40 countries across the world by more than 500 customers including Boeing, Mitsubishi, NASA, Airbus, Thales, CAE, EuroControl, BAE Systems, IABG and many more. Our products capture more than twenty years of experience from building distributed systems.

Our products support the entire lifecycle, from development to deployment across organizations. They provide market leading performance, robustness and ease-of-use across both local and wide-area networks. Many of Pitch products have been certified by third party organizations to ensure a complete and correct implementation.

Our products are sold by Pitch and our distributors across the world. They are also backed by the industry’s best support. Please contact for more product information.

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