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Comprehensive HERE Road Database delivered with Trian3DBuilder

Automatic Road Generation with Trian3DBuilder and HERE Databases

TrianGraphics is pleased to announce a new data distribution partnership with HERE Technologies. This partnership enables the import of HERE RDF road data into Trian3DBuilder. The premium quality HERE RDF data covers nearly the whole world and allows Trian3DBuilder users to create vast and accurate road networks in short time and in a highly cost effective manner.

The visually appealing generated terrains are accompanied by a logical description of the road network for traffic simulation with the OpenDRIVE format. Alternative descriptions, such as the IPG Road5 format for CarMaker, are coming soon! Road data can be supplemented with other data, from sources such as OpenStreetMap, for vegetation, buildings and other additional elements. The visual databases are enhanced with sensor information and are exported into various formats supported by: Vires VTD, Unity®, OpenSceneGraph and other simulation environments.

The HERE RDF databases are delivered with and optimized for Trian3DBuilder. Benefit from our simple plug and play workflow: download, install, ready to use!

The HERE RDF Importer and the accompanying data are now offered as an additional module for Trian3DBuilder. The data is delivered as an SQL database optimized for Trian3DBuilder. The module includes one region of your choice. Available regions are: Europe (complete), North America, Latin America, Asia, MEA (Middle-East and Africa) and Oceania. The database is updated quarterly when new data is available from HERE.

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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