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ADF Procure Enterprise VBS3Fires FST Licence

SimCentric are proud to announce the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has procured a perpetual enterprise licence of VBS3Fires FST in May 2018. With scoping already well advanced for immediate integration into the Meggitt Weapon Training Simulation Systems (WTSS) and Battle Simulation Centres (BSC), SimCentric looks forward to working collaboratively with the ADF during the delivery and support phases to maximise capability outcomes through this software.

SimCentric Vice President-Strategy, Mr Gareth Collier commented “We are thrilled to have VBS3Fires FST selected as the ADF’s core Joint Fires Observer simulation training solution for immediate use across multiple ADF sites, configurations and training competencies.

“The ADF has joined a global user community of this software that spans US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, Canadian DND, New Zealand Defence Force, French MOD, Italian MOD, Dutch MOD and Swedish MOD. We believe the reason so many nations have entrusted us with their offensive support simulation training is SimCentric’s focus on ensuring the advanced VBS3Fires FST software is fully integrated with their respective training continuums, thereby translating to superior operational capability.

“We look forward to working long-term with the ADF on this endeavour and others over the coming months and years.”

Reprinted from Simcentric Technologies website, May 2018. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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