CAE acquires Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE)

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine



CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of CAE USA, acquired Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE) for approximately US$29 million. CAE says the acquisition will enhance its core capabilities as a training systems integrator (TSI), grow CAE’s position on enduring platforms such as fighter aircraft and expand its ability to pursue higher-level security programs in the United States.

AOCE provides a range of aircrew training services, operational test and evaluation and engineering support services to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. intelligence services.

“AOCE brings existing contracts as well as past performance in unmanned systems, aircrew training and courseware development for fighter and special operations aircraft, and space and missile defense,” says Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA. “This will significantly enhance CAE USA’s training systems integration capabilities and allow us to address broader market opportunities in the United States.”

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