3D Gestures- Wearable Devices (Israel)

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A Touch Free Wearable Controller for Digital Devices

Mudra is an innovative wrist-worn device for interaction with AR/VR headsets, Smartwatches and connected devices. It uses subtle finger movements and hand gestures.

Mudra transforms interaction and control of digital devices to be as natural and intuitive as real-life experiences.

The Mudra Band controls AR/VR headsets like we do in real life. The hands are free to drag and drop , pinch to zoom, select objects, and navigate through menus, when your hands are in natural positions and your fingers unclenched. The Mudra band extends the body with the ultimate controller – your hand.

The Mudra Strap operates your smartwatch using same-hand subtle finger movements. Simple gestures are used to scroll, swipe, select, go back. Enjoy your watch with exciting new applications and experiences with a visible screen, while multi-tasking, touch-free.