3D Motion Capture - wrnchAI

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wrnchAI is a high-performance, deep learning runtime engine, engineered and designed to extract human motion and behaviour from standard video. It analyzes regular 2D RGB video and returns 3D motion data in real time. It can process multiple 2D camera feeds and recognize human motion and behaviours. wrnchAI enables developers to create applications in a wide range of industries, such as entertainment, robotics, sports analytics, and more.

wrnchAI motion capture works in any environment with any clothing, not requiring special sensors or markers. From smartphones to professional cameras, wrnchAI can be used on many to capture human motion.

wrnchAI can recognize and understand human activities, such as walking, sitting, falling, or picking up an object, while also being able to identify potentially serious medical emergencies.

wrnchAI enables gesture recognition and recognizes non-verbal commands like pointing and or waving.