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3D Vision - Mantis Vision


Mantis Vision puts 3D image and video capturing into the hands of every consumer,application developer, game designer and industry professional. Turning people, objects, andplaces into high resolution 3D content, in real-time, has never been easier.

Mantis Vision core technology is so agile, we offer affordable solutions for wide array of use cases and form factors. From the smallest embedded module for smartphones or smart connected devices, through professional handheld scanners, to multi-camera looking-in / looking-out systems. All resulting in high-quality volumetric content (real spatial 3D) ready to be edited, shared and viewed on any 2D/3D/MR/VR platform.

How Does It Work?

Proprietary coded structured-light technology, enable highest level of details and proven top performance. Combined with cutting edge 3D content creation software, we enable user content creation and instant Virtual and Augmented Reality experience. Mantis Vision's technology is robust, scalable and with a minimal ~4mm thickness, making it the smart choice for any form factor, including; mobile, smart connected devices, multi-camera volumetric solutions and professional hand-held scanners.

Mantis Vision software optimizes the core sensing technology, by offering a full 3D processing pipeline. Our solution addresses depth sensing and processing needs such as auto calibration, high-quality registration, segmentation, VR/MR shading, and even data compression and streaming. The result- any user can capture a static or dynamic object, person or scene of choice, in different ambient light conditions and instantly edit, share and stream the real volumetric content to any 2D/3D/MR/VR platform.

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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