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Orlando, Fla. (USA) — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military training and simulation software, will release the latest updates to its flagship desktop training and simulation software product VBS3 on December 12. Customers can download VBS3 v18.3 with VBS License Manager v18.3. These updates to VBS3 significantly expand the 3D model library, and provide new capabilities including improved interaction with simulated vehicles and equipment, as well as a refactored interoperability gateway, voice communications system and mission planning tool.

“This is the biggest VBS3 update in years with an unprecedented amount of content,” said Pete Morrison, BISim Co-CEO. “VBS3 is constantly being refined based on feedback from customers and subject-matter experts with a focus on enhancing ease of use, providing detailed, ready-to-use content and facilitating customization so users can tailor VBS3 to their training and simulation needs. In addition to greatly expanding our 3D model library, this new version features more advanced capabilities that expand the ways users can interact with vehicles and equipment in the simulation, providing a more immersive and accurate training experience. We’ve also upgraded applications based on our new modular development framework Gears, which helps future-proof VBS3 for years to come.”

VBS3 provides a virtual training environment for land, air and sea training and mission rehearsal applications. It combines a massive content library, scenario development tools, and after action review capability that immerses trainees in a high-fidelity virtual environment. The vast range of capabilities and functionality in VBS3 has been honed over 17+ years to facilitate fast, accurate scenario set up, reduce negative training, and deliver highly impactful training and mission rehearsal. VBS3 is currently used in hundreds of training use cases by over 50 militaries around the world.

Expanded Content Library

BISim’s content library now features more than 14,000 models. New to the model library are UK soldiers and weapons that have been remodeled to use BISim’s universal component system (UCS), allowing components such as helmets, body armor, pouches, etc., to be shared between models with more options for customization. This includes the addition of the new L85A3 rifle and components. BISim also has remodeled AU soldier units to use the UCS.

The latest update also includes new Russian Opfor soldiers configured with the UCS, modular and modernized AK-74M rifle using the UCS, and a range of new vehicle models such as the M-1161, Husky, Draco, T-15 and T-14 Armata, and the AC-130W Stinger II. New equipment including a digital JTAC watch and AN/PAS-25 have also been added to the content library.

Added Capabilities and Functionality

VBS3 v18.3 also features new and improved capabilities and functionality offering more interactivity and support for new training use cases.

Close Air Support

VBS3 users can now double click anywhere on the map to place the close air support editor object (EO) and drag it around to set it up, while being visually updated on where the air strike will take place. Any changes made by dragging around the EO are projected into the object properties dialog and any changes made in the object properties dialog will update the visuals of the EO. The improvements make it significantly easier to establish strafing runs, including being able to accurately visualize the start and stop of the run itself.

Ship Boarding

VBS3 now allows boarding of specific ship models by deploying a boarding ladder from the inventory. You can board marine vessels from other vessels in near proximity, from the sea as a swimmer/diver, or by rappelling from a helicopter (does not use boarding ladders). Using the deployed boarding ladder will teleport you to the deck of the target vessel. Swimmers can use the deployed ladders but cannot deploy them themselves.

Use of Personal Equipment inside Vehicles

Building on functionality added in VBS3 v18.1 that allowed players to use binoculars inside vehicles, customers can use more personal equipment in select vehicles. All USMC ground vehicles now allow players to use IZLID, binoculars, grenades, rifles, handguns, gas masks and rocket launchers from inside the vehicle. Other vehicles can also be updated to use this feature with some additional development work.

Load Vehicles into Aircraft

You can now load smaller vehicles into specific aircraft. Any vehicle type can be loaded, provided there is enough space for it in the cargo hold. You can then fly the loaded vehicles to a desired location and unload them, ready to be used again.

Chemical Weapons Simulation Additions

BISim has also added two new gases to the list of usable chemical weapons simulated in VBS3 (available through the Artillery Strike editor object): non-lethal mustard gas that simulates visual blur, coughing and choking for player units; and, lethal chlorine gas, which will cause users’ avatars visual blur, coughing and choking, unconsciousness and death. Players can don gas masks, which will protect them from these effects.

Measure Distance Tool Improvements

The measure distance tool has been refactored to be more user friendly — just double-click on the map to start measuring. The tool features a new HTML dialog that provides hints and allows you to change the configuration of the measured distance.

VBS Radio, VBS Chalkboard & VBS Gateway Updates

BISim has refactored several applications in VBS3 using its new modular development framework Gears ( These include VBS Radio, used for voice communications and radio simulation; VBS Chalkboard, for mission planning; and VBS Gateway, which provides HLA/DIS/CIGI interoperability. VBS Chalkboard and VBS Gateway have also been redesigned to enhance ease of use.

VBS Radio

Incorporating Pitch Talk from Pitch Technologies, VBS Radio simulates physical radios and supports text chat, VOIP (administrator channels), intercom and natural voice communications. It also provides native DIS and HLA support.

VBS Chalkboard

VBS3’s mission planning application has been completely rebuilt to improve performance, offer a more intuitive user interface and provide new layers functionality. In addition, VBS Chalkboard gives the ability to print, save and share overlays. VBS Chalkboard now enables users to import OpenStreetMap, KML and Chalkboard files as well as export KML and Chalkboard files.

VBS Gateway

BISim’s interoperability application VBS Gateway has also been refactored based on the modular Gears development framework for VBS3 v18.3. VBS Gateway now includes support for IFF modes and codes, a new user interface, improved performance and stability, and provides the ability to filter incoming entities dynamically around players based on a selectable range in meters also known as “white holes.”

Upgrades to VBS3 Commercial Baseline

VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 Updates

A set of pre-programmed AI behaviors for the most common training use cases, VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 is available as a separate add-on to VBS3 v18.3. VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 leverages the VBS Control runtime which has been supplied for free with all versions of VBS3 since VBS3 v17.2. Control AI behaviors interact with the VBS3 existing AI system. The latest updates allow users to create convoys that can navigate off road. The new Control AI behaviors now feature dynamic navmesh, which enables AI behaviors on larger-scale terrains (with no pre-processing of the navmesh required).

VBS Radio Pro

A VBS Radio Pro version based on Pitch Talk is also available for separate license, providing additional features including unlimited radio channels, radio frequencies including HF, VHF and UHF, and the ability to configure multiple VOIP networks. BISim will also be offering a VBS Radio Standalone in the future that will interoperate with our other radio products but run independently of a VBS3 installation.

Add-on Terrains

BISim also developed two new geo-specific terrains, an air base and a training area, for the UK MOD. These terrains are not included in the baseline by default but available at customer request.

About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation. BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

Please contact for more product information.

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