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Creativex Consulting Wins Constructive Simulation Software Contract Award

Creativex Consulting, together with their long time partners, Pitch Technologies and Hartech Technologies, have been awarded a Constructive Simulation Software contract from an asian government customer.

The contract shall provide our customer with an advanced framework for the creation, management and development of synthetic environments using Hartech's Smart Scenario Generator (SSG). SSG is designed as a complete framework that AS-IS provides the user with a modern synthetic environment generation and animation tool while allowing the user to continue and develop the environment to match his specific needs. The SSG shall include a HLA interoperability capability using Pitch's HLA products for integration between SSG and external systems.

The award includes training courses to provide our customer with the ability to develop simulation scenarios and integration to HLA compliant systems.

Please contact us for any product information at


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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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