Creativex Gets VBS IG Simulation SDK Order from Asian System Integrator

Creativex Consulting was issued a purchase order to supply VBS IG SDK by an Asian systems integrator company to develop simulator solutions using the VBS IGs and VBS3. The company is currently working closely with Creativex to develop its in-house capabilities in the use of Bohemia Interactive Simulation products in its future simulators. The upcoming announcement of the launch of VBS4 as BISIM newest flagship product will also provide new capabilities.

As quoted in the announcement by BISIM - “We are further accelerating the capabilities of our product line by introducing VBS4,” Alexion said. “VBS4 brings whole-earth capabilities to desktop military simulation and training. Whilst VBS3 is PC based and has size limitations for terrain areas, VBS4 offers a massive step change in modularity, openness and ease-of-use as well as the performance and terrain enhancing capability of BISim’s new engine, VBS Blue. And, importantly, is our first step towards a full cloud-enabled desktop training product.”

VBS4 provides a robust virtual desktop training capability including all VBS3 features and new baseline capabilities. New capabilities include:

  • VBS Plan - a time-saving mission planning capability allowing instructors and administrators to draw static plans on 2D and 3D maps using standard military symbols and leverage AI forces to execute those plans in the virtual environment.

  • VBS Geo – an easy-to-use collaborative terrain editing application that doesn’t require geospatial data expertise.