Industry-Leading VR/AR Innovator, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, joins the VR/AR Association


On the heels of a recent defense industry VR award and the release of VBS4, Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ (BISim) most important product release since the release of VBS3 in 2013, the Orlando-based company is pleased to announce it has joined the VR/AR Association (VRARA).  Pioneering VR/AR/MR for Military Simulation BISim began exploring VR’s potential for defense training in 2013 and in 2015 the BISim booth was the only I/ITSEC booth to showcase the beta version of Oculus Rift, having optimized VBS IG frame rate experience sufficiently to pass Oculus’ high standard of FPS performance. Also in 2015, BISim started working directly with military customers on VR/AR projects, most significantly with the U.S. Navy on a VR-based pilot training system that included virtual hand gestures generated through the Leap Motion system. By 2016, BISim’s VBS3 offered out-of-the-box support for the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.  In 2018, drawing on its extensive experience with VR/AR headsets, BISim introduced VBS Blue IG, a high-performance, 3D whole-earth image generator optimized for VR/AR/MR applications. BISim’s work has expanded to evaluating and developing VR, AR and MR systems for other military organisations and commercial integrators. See how customers are using BISim products for VR/AR/MR applications on our Customer Showcase. Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application 

BISim was recently selected by Military Simulation and Training (MS&T) magazine as its 2020 winner in the category of Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application for work on the British Army’s Virtual Reality in Land Training (VRLT) pilot study. MS&T’s Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application Award recognizes the innovative use of VR/AR/MR technologies to develop effective and efficient training and performance support interventions. BISim delivered a series of training events to the British Army in 2019 demonstrating VR and MR capabilities using its products. These included a high-fidelity Warrior IFV 3D model for VR and the use of mixed reality to allow users t