NEA calls tender for virtual reality solutions to enhance training for officers

SINGAPORE - The National Environment Agency (NEA) has called a tender for virtual reality (VR) solutions to enhance training sessions for its enforcement officers in areas such as dengue inspections and enforcement of offences such as smoking and littering.

In a dengue home inspection VR scenario demonstrated on Monday (Feb 10), the media saw how real-life situations are simulated for the training of NEA officers.

A residence, complete with pails and covered containers, and avatars representing homeowners give the user a sense of realism.

The user can be taken through a range of scenarios, while the system's speech recognition capabilities allow role-playing and the practice of appropriate responses and reactions to these situations.

The VR solution will be in addition to existing training programmes, which include a three-pronged approach of theory lessons, classroom simulations and on-the-job training.

Mr Aaron Ng, 32, a senior executive at the NEA's Vector Control Section, which deals with pests that transmit diseases, said that the virtual reality training module would help officers experience more scenarios and hone their reaction skills.

"Officers can now be exposed to more live situations on the ground that the classroom training could not cover because of time and manpower constraints," he said.