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Pinnacle’s UH-60 VMT Now Available via GSA Catalog

Image credit: Pinnacle Solutions

Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (Pinnacle) is now offering the UH-60 Virtual Maintenance Trainer (UH-60 VMT) on GSA Advantage!, the online shopping and ordering system available to federal, state, and local government entities. With an easy search for UH-60 VMT, this Pinnacle-developed product is available under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) - Professional Services Category titled Off-the-Shelf Training Devices and Training Materials (333318TDTM).

Utilizing the Virtual X Training (VXT) products, Pinnacle has developed and deployed high-fidelity VMTs in support of the UH-60M, UH-60A, and UH-60L Aircraft Mission, Type, Design, and Series (MTDS) that provide immersive 3D environments and deliver realistic and accurate engagement with true-to-life virtual hardware.

As part of the customizable VMT package, Pinnacle provides lessons that are available in the instructor-led extended introduction (e.g., “basic” or “guided”) mode, instruction/check-on-learning (i.e. “intermediate”) mode, and faults/evaluation (i.e., “advanced”) mode. The extended introduction mode allows the student to perform maintenance procedures correctly, demonstrating step-by-step instruction, proper tool use, and true-to-life actions required to perform a given task. The intermediate and advanced modes include checks on learning, troubleshooting faults, and evaluation. The modes challenge the student to complete a self-paced assessment accurately, grading task performance in a full virtual simulation of the task hardware.

Source : Halldale Group


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