The Art of VBS: Customisable 3D Characters and New Urban Terrains

VBS3 v18.3 was recently released with a massive update of high-quality 3D content and advanced capabilities. We spoke with BISim’s Director of Art Mark Lacey about the range of new content included in the latest update.

BISim: What are some of the new models in VBS3 v18.3 that you’re most excited for customers to see and use for training?

Mark: With so much new content in 18.3 it is hard to pick a favorite. We are adding some of the best models we have ever produced, of some really interesting equipment. Some highlights of the new content include the Husky Tactical Support Vehicle, M1163 Growler, British Army Virtus soldier equipment, Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform, and the T-15 Armata. Introduced by the British Army to support their operations in Afghanistan, the Husky has become quite popular with the troops. We hope they will like the VBS model as much as the real thing!

BISim: What is the universal component system (UCS)?