Trian3DBuilder 6.6 Release Highlights

Berlin, May 2nd 2019

TrianGraphics is proud to present Trian3DBuilder 6.6

In this new release, Trian3DBuilder‘s building generation has been further improved to come to even more realistic results! Facades ledges, roof overhangs, or the automatic placement of roof elements, are some of the new features that will boost your scenario quality and make your work outstanding.

Building Enhancements:

Facade extrusions New tools to extrude buildings elements, allowing the creation of facades ledges, oriels and window geometries. Your buildings will gain in volume and authenticity. Roof Overhangs Easily create overhangs for hip and gable roof type.Roof elements Automatic random placement of new library‘s roof props (Chimneys, ventilation ducts, roof cabins.. ) matching the building's orientation

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Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...
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