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SimCentric will be demonstrating two new technologies at ITEC 2018.

SimCentric are proud to announce the launch of SAFFIRES, our new standards-based, image generator agnostic, and scalable Call- for-Fire and Close Air Support Training Simulation suitable for deployment in Joint Fires and accreditable JTAC training simulators.

Built upon the same Call-for-Fire and Close Air Support software engine that powers the accredited simulation VBS3Fires FST, SAFFIRES delivers the same mature and complete Joint Fires training solution but makes it available for integration with environments other than VBS3.

Supporting both conventional near-peer and counter-insurgency operational scenarios, SAFFIRES enables JFOs and JTACs to train realistically in a modern complex battlespace against an agile and adaptive adversary. Heightened realism and cognitively challenging training is enabled through the incorporation of non-combatants, urban clutter, UAV surveillance, various close air support platforms and doctrinally accurate military targeting procedures.

SimCentric Technologies will also be demonstrating to select stakeholders our new SAF-Foresight application, recently delivered to, and under formal collaborative development with the Australian Defence Force. SAF-Foresight enables unprecedented synchronisation of LVC capabilities in major combined arms and joint exercise conduct, management, risk mitigation, and after-action review.

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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